The Only True Honor

Some die in battle.
Some later, of their wounds. Some, years later.
Not all their wounds are of the body.
Nor their deaths. Nor all their battles in the field.


For Saavedra, Michael Anthony, once of the USN.


@ NCVRC, 4th Av, off Humboldt Bay, CA



2 Vets
1 Nam
1 Mid E
Both said pretty much the same

There was no honor in our battles
In them
Or awarded

Our Victories too few & hard fought won
False Purposed

Our losses too many, too much to bear


2 Addicts
1 Alkie
1 Junkie
@ 0500
Both rise & tarnish
Bright & surly
Strive, struggle, stumble, sometimes fall, too often fail
Each new same-o day


Their losses are crosses not carried
Save by self

There are no victories
Save of self
Too few & hard fought won

There is no honor in their battles
Save self awarded in the mirror

Each new ending day


Memorial Day 2013
Across the South Bay from Tuluwat


Celebrations ‘n’ Barbies ‘n’ Burgers R Part of It
Like Laughter @ a Wake
But Pause A Sec’ ‘n’

Remember To Remember


Highway 101 Sign Source: Wikimedia Commons, contributed by User SPUI
Navy Bugler Photo Source: American Press Association. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


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