O Mavourneen Maureen

Some have told me, even one or two that have sworn they were whiskeyless as well as hempless at the time they saw it with their VERY own eyes, that when the goddess Brighid deigns to appear to a mere mortal she often manifests as a woman with one side of her face a maid & the other a crone.

Others have told me tales of the grand Granuaile, swearing that EVERY detail was as true, or at least truthy, as the very Internet itself. Of how when yet young, lovely, & lusty, she literally & figuratively picked up her shipwrecked boy-toy sailor from the beach. How like an Irish she-wolfhound, bloodthirstily tracked & killed the cur-wolves that later murdered him.

Then of how, years later, at Social Security age, fierce as a lioness protecting her cubs, she sailed her ship boldly across the seas & up the Thames to the palace at Greenwich to demand the release of her sons. Refusing to bow to Queen Bess, for Elizabeth was not HER queen, nor Ireland’s either. With cold steel tucked in her bodice or her garter, or perhaps both, in case more than a gentle persuasion was called for. What could a mere queen of England do, when faced with the determined fire & ire of an Irish mither, but release the lads?

When I recall these tales, whether of the shining goddess of unquenchable flame-spirit or of the Sea Queen of Connacht, Herself ’tis I picture, when flame tressed, eyes Eire green, she was Queen of the Technicolor Screen, yes, but also, when just last year, she flew boldly across the seas – or was it the plains – & took her overdue Oscar like a still feisty & fearless Granuaile from the hands of Hollywood’s – not hers – reigning royalty. Like the fiery red-gold goddess of the silver screen she STILL was.

Maureen O’Hara

August 17, 1920 – October 24, 2015

The most beautiful Irish woman (i.e. the most beautiful woman period) – correction, LADY – Errol Flynn ever got to kiss. Or Tyrone Power. Or Hank Fonda. Ditto the Duke. And what’s more, ye boyos and colleens, the only guy who could throw or take a punch better than any or all of them put together.

Still from Against All Flags, http://filmaddictconfessions.blogspot.com/

O’Malley the Pirate Queen of Connacht?

Or O’Hara the Queen of the Technicolor Screen?

You Decide.


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