A Poem Of Unequinox

Young women. Old men should know better.
But at least one god made a fool of himself in this way too.
Or rather makes. Over & over.
Year after year. Again & again.

And this One’s summer is that One’s winter. Just ask One. From Down Under.

Demeter keens


Her tears fall and fall in Fall

the leaves of trees

Half a turn

’twill be the turn of


December 21st is the winter solstice, an unequinox. Every year at that time, according to many of the tellings, She begins her long, round trip journey. It is where this poem begins & ends, begins & ends, again, again.

Persephone By Thomas Hart Benton






Persephone sits wan on Hade’s throne

He is old and cold

Lifeless surrounded, smothered, she is alone

Yearns wold, Stay nold


Like a sunflower sun turning for like young burning

but buried alive inside she soundless screams

Azureless vault, Munch, and suttee

Guinevere, are these to be her adharma’s themes?

She shall be free!


Like a doe, like a peregrine, like a feline Kore queen

To, not from, to flee

Life, laughter, love, sun and shine, see, be seen

Fly tracklessly


Hades sits alone his throne. Joylessly, jealously, Persephone

Hoarded like Fáfnir’s gold

Lies buried alive in memory, his misery miserly

Whealed, old, corpse cold


Hades and Persephone by Ashramart http://ashramart.deviantart.com/

Pomegranate Seeds

For The Otaku Veela Her Own Elf Self

Photo of 6 pomegranate seeds by Prathyush Thomas Wikimedia Commons